Image pricing based on usage

The traditional model for stock photography is a usage-based model. The size of the image, the quantity of the press run, the number of impressions. All of these parameters get taken into effect when pricing for the publishing industry.

All this has been turned on its ear in the past ten years, however, with the proliferation of microstock, royalty-free images and intense competition. Independent photographers are caught between big players such as Getty Images and Corbis (owned in part by Microsoft) and the low-cost, high-volume microstock producers.

At parkerparker :: design | photography, stock licensing is priced fairly and competitively. My images are unique and unavailable through any stock agency. Eliminating the stock agency commission saves you money, and we both win.

LaSalle Canyon

Big, small and in-between

Images on the site are available for advertising and marketing usage, but they represent just the tip of the iceberg in terms of my photographic catalog. Beside attractive licensing fees, I can offer you no research fees, personalized service and quick turnaround on most searches. In addition, if I can't find it, I may be able to shoot Midwestern subjects for you. Michigan, Indiana and Ohio are all within a day's range of my Detroit-area location.


I've provided images for the following national groups:


The keyword list will give you an idea as to the depth of my image library. Call or email, or use the handy project request form if you would like me to carry out a customized search for a specific image or group of images. There is no research fee for a basic search.